Bride for Rent

by A. Lindgren

Director: Răzvan Popa
Scenography: Mc Ranin

Stage manager: Mircea Macarie | Lights: Adrian Dragomir | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Tailoring: Georgeta Brânzea | Wardrobe: Georgeta Pleșa | Props: Eduard Ștefan | Grips: Teofil Diaconeasa and Dan Grigorescu

Premiere: 12th of January 2018, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 10min (no interval)

Photo credit: Maria Ștefănescu

Photo credit: Mihaela Ene


If we do have an aunt, than we will have an inheritance. If we have an inheritance there is definitely a nephew who should inherit it. The receipt is simple, but the conditions in which the aunt will give away her fortune are complicated. At least for the young Julius, unskilled in winning the heart of a future fiancée, but determined to win his aunt`s favors.

Florina Cercel playing Aunt Euphemia is very sweet, but vigilant and pragmatic at the same extent. As her name gives us the hint, she uses euphemisms for all the relational `miseries` going on around her. Sebastian Bălășoiu playing Julius is both naive, helpless and twice as handy when things go off the path. He slightly becomes invisible and gets away clean. Karin Vinge played by Ioana Farcaș is the image of a very well-organized woman; when finding herself in a no-win situation, she tries to reach the highest expectations. On the narrow line between her jealous lover and the pretentious aunt, Ioana Farcaș`s role can only be one of an extreme comic. Ana Maria Carablais is the true embodiment of Julieta character. Fragile, naive, curious, with a wandering gaze, dreaming and in love with beauty itself, she appears and disappears from the stage like the wind. She stumbles in words, but knows to make a decision when needed. Cristian Olaru is a jealous Harald Engberg, with the nerves at their highest peak, with precise and possibly `lethal` movements. Paradoxically, he can be easily tamed.

In consequence, due to the complex play of the five actors, each character has a double personality, fact that inevitably gives birth to countless funny situations to which the spectators have no other option than laughter.

Aunt Eufemia – Cristina Dumitra
Julius Jullen – Sebastian Bălășoiu
Karin Vinge – Ioana Farcaș
Julieta Jonsson – Ana Maria Carablais
Harald Engberg – Cristian Olaru

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