The Edge

after „The Edge” by Eduard Bond

Bachelor performance directed by: Elisa Cîtea

Class: Assoc. Mc Ranin
Lecturer Răzvan Mureșan

Directions for scenography: Irina Ștefan | Lights: Oana Caibăr

Premiere: 14th of October 2017, Mihai Popescu Hall
Duration: 60min

Performance theatre in education
Age limit: 10+
It addresses in particular to age category between 12 and 17 years

A story in three characters about a boy, Ron, who lives with his mother that is too protective. Ron wants to leave the country, but one day before his flight he goes to a party with his friends. On his way back home, he meets a beggar that he claims he tries to help. The beggar follows the boy and claims that he was robbed by him. The mother is caught between her beloved son, but to whom she has a rather disappointed attitude because he did not succeed much until his age, and the pity which she feels for the homeless man thrown in the chasm of despair. The production is a special one because the public is asked to give a suggestion for the ending they prefer. The spectators should say their opinion on who is right and determine the characters to act in consequence. An interactive theatre, a theatre of debate, of education on the force of maternal instinct and the inertia of always being the protected one.

Ron: Cristian Olaru

Sal: Cristina Dumitra

Stranger: Ilie Ghergu

Photo credit: Mihai Bălăceanu

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