Memories of My Boyhood

Scenario: Nicolae Poghirc 
A show by: Nicolae Poghirc 

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Lights : Oana Caibăr | Technician: Liviu Dobrescu | Wardrobe: Maria Miu

Premiere: 10th of October 2017, Main Stage
Duration: 40min

As you know, the troubles are always present in everyday life of the immature Nică who  can’t wait the cherries to ripen, to go to swim or to carol, to eat all the sour cream from the earthenware. The tricksy is unstoppable and the same will be the roars of laught. The show is interactive and is dedicated to grandparents and children. It also fits nicely to adults, because childhood is never a boring subject… especially the childhood of Ion Creangă, so funny narrated in Moldavian dialect.

Ana Maria Cucută – Nică
Camelia Varga – Smaranda, Nică’s Mother
Răzvan Teodorescu – Ștefan a Petrei, Nică’s Father
Cristina Dumitra – Aunt Mărioara
Ilie Ghergu – Ion Creangă, Priest Oşlobanul and The Old Man
Mihai Bălăceanu – Zaharia Gâtlan, A peasant, A boy 
Monalisa Toncu – Ion Mogorogea, A girl

Photo credit: Vera Ștefan and Cristi Iordache

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