The Wild Hunt

Free adaptation of TITUS ANDRONICUS by William Shakespeare

Dramaturgy: Andrea Pennacchi and Michele Modesto Casarin
Translation: Marinela Liliana Stroe
Artistic direction: Michele Modesto Casarin
Assistant Director: Silvia De Bastiani

Scenography: Mc Ranin
Master of masks: Stefano Perocco di Meduna
Assistants: Gaia Geri, Remi Cassan

Stage manager: Radu Ilicea | Sound/Rear projection: Andrei Enache and Ana Maria Cucută | Lights: Oana Caibăr and Adrian Dragomir

Premiere: 6th of October 2017, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 30min (no interval)

This project was born from a European one that involves Tony Bulandra Theatre together with Ca`Foscari University from Venice, Pantakin Theatre Company and other prestigious European partners.

For me, this production represents the possibility to experiment and to create new masks, starting from the classic ones, typical for the golden age of Commedia dell’Arte, 1600 period. And also, to continue the research on the influence that Italian theatre had on Shakespeare. I have to admit that this is the most ambitious project staged by me until now, first of all for its theme: Titus Andronicus, a cruel story, soaked with blood and violence, but also with political games, masked strategies and cowardice; second because of the Romanian language and culture, unknown to me.

So, the challenge of the show was how to translate the theme from Titus in our times and in the specific way of playing with a mask, how to find the balance between Gothic ferocity and masks` inventiveness and, at last, how to share all these to a team of actors which is not used to work in the Commedia dell`Arte style.

The answer came by working on the stage, with dedication and will, in the desire to offer to the Tony Bulandra` spectators a worthy show. Regarding the creative part of the project, I need to mention Stefano Perocco di Meduna, master of masks who created exclusively for Tony Bulandra Theatre five wonderful leather masks.

 Small guide to The Wild Hunt

The place of the action is a marginal and neglected Rome, with old factories and abandoned worksites. Here, in this remote area, a new band of drug dealers starts to exist, strangers came from outside – goths, athirst by blood and power. The Goths are the ones that dethroned Saturninus (the Cesar), former leader of the town, who is now in decay. In this war between gangs, the lieutenant Titus, a corrupt policeman, who makes justice to his own will, helped by his acolytes Virgo and Lucio, tries through threats and blackmails to maintain a precarious balance. But the blood and revenge thirst will chase away the ephemeral peace. Among „rave” clubs, cocaine rivers and smoking guns, in an alternation between tragic, grotesque, poetical and palpitant, The Wild Hunt begins.

Michele Modesto Casarin


Liviu Cheloiu – TITUS
Corneliu Jipa – SATURNINUS
Radu Câmpean – AARON
Iulia Verdeș – TAMORA
Andrada Fuscaș – LAVINIA
Emanuel Bighe – LUCIO / BASSIANUS
Ana-Maria Olaș – VIRGO
Daniel Nuță – DEMETRIO
Răzvan Teodorescu – CHIRONE

Voice of Coriolanus: Alexandru Năstase
Alarbo: Florin Necșoiu

Photo credit: Maria Ștefănescu

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