Shakespeare.The Tempest.A Hidden Game

after William Shakespeare

Directed by: Szabó K. István

Music by: Ovidiu Iloc
Scenography: Horațiu Mihaiu

Stage manager: Radu Ilicea and Mircea Macarie / Lights: Adrian Dragomir / Sound: Andrei Enache

Premiere: 3rd of June 2017, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 20min (no interval)


The Storm is the culmination point of the crises, the anxiety effect. The natural frame is only the prologue and epilogue of the story and takes us to the second dramatic meaning: the storm within, the fabulous theatre of mind and fantasy. `The Wizard` is finding himself in a complete exercise of self-exorcism: reappraising the relation with the past, with his eyes on the ground, he prepares the ultimate deed, the mousetrap in which the human nature confronts its own nothingness.

Prospero – Constantin Florescu
Caliban – Liviu Cheloiu
Ariel – Marius Cordoș
Gonzalo – Corneliu Jipa
Miranda – Andreea Tănase
Ferdinand – Mircea Silaghi
Trinculo – Nelu Roman
Stefano – Emanuel Bighe
Antonio – Radu Câmpean
Alonso – Cătălin Mareș
Sebastian – Ilie Ghergu
Goddess/Nurse – Antonia Ionescu
Goddess/Nurse – Delia Lazăr

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