Someone is Going to Come

by Jon Fosse

director: Monica Pop

Sets: Mc Ranin | Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Lights: Oana Caibăr | Sound: Cătălin Buzea

Premiere: 30th of April 2017, Studio Hall
Duration: 60min


An old House, secluded beachfront, “far away from other houses and other people”. He and She – a couple like any other with dreams, ideals, insecurities – walk the threshold of this house, in the hope of finding each other, that they can finally be together “in each other” in an endless embrace. But in this absolute desolation, a terrible excitement begins to haunt Her. A certainty of the fact that Someone has to come. Someone…

But Someone will really make its presence felt? Is the arrival of a third enough to disturb the peace of the two lovers? The question that they bypass and fears them most: How much do we reject and how much do we want, in fact, Someone else to come between us?

She: Andreea Tănase
He: Radu Câmpean
The Man: Mircea Silaghi

Credit foto: Cătălin Cristian Apollo și Vera Ștefan

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