Uncle John`s Trifles

Short texts by I.L. Caragiale

A show by Mc Ranin

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu | Lights: Oana Caibăr | Sound: Andrei Enache

Premiere: 9th of April 2017, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 50min (no intervals)


Humor, irony of fate, the comic of human nature and odd situations, the wit in grief – all these laughter `promoters` were skillfully used by Caragiale in all that he ever wrote. A mosaic show, based on well-known texts since primary school, educative and amusing ones, with unbelievably contemporary characters.

Trifles, sir!

In the cast you can see young and old, almost all the actors of Tony Bulandra Theatre: Delia Lazăr, Ioana Farcaș, Antonia Ionescu, Maria Nicola, Ana Maria Cucută, Camelia Varga, Cosmina Lirca, Corneliu Jipa, Ștefan Ștefănescu, Mircea Silaghi, Radu Câmpean, Cristian Olaru, Alexandru Năstase.

This production`s clue is a carousel of events, rather incidents, of objects, of typologies, of desires, situations and edges of situation – in the common style of I.L. Caragiale, where everything is so tragical that can only be treated in one way: ironically.

Sadness has no place when you meet the multitude of occurrences with amused objectiveness that sublimates in a burst of laughter. At the end of the day, you have just lived another day and what should it have meant without some trifles?!

Camelia Varga
Ana Maria Cucută
Ioana Farcaș
Maria Nicola
Antonia Ionescu
Delia Lazăr
Cosmina Lirca
Mircea Silaghi
Radu Câmpean
Cristian Olaru
Ilie Ghergu
Corneliu Jipa
Ștefan Ștefănescu

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