The Burden of the House

after Vasile Alecsandri

A show by Corneliu Jipa
Original score: Alexandru Mihalcea

Stage manager: Radu Ilicea | Sound: Cătălin Buzea| Lights: Oana Caibăr

Premiere: 11th of March 2017, Studio Hall
Duration: 60min (no interval)


Marriage has always given headaches to parents, mostly to the mothers that involve themselves very much in choosing the most appropriate candidate for their girls. An educated daughter isn`t easy to give away. It was the same in the times of Vasile Alecsandri, the author of the play, in which he tells the struggles of a widowed mother to get rid of her daughter, because she, herself, wants to remarry. In the absurd match-making activity, planned by the parents, abound the amusing lines and situations, meant to satirise old mentalities and desperate decisions.

We do encounter accidents. In the theatre, as well. There are many well known goings-on more or less amusing, when out of the blue, during the performance, objects are missing, lines are forgotten, props are falling or the light goes down. Laughter is provoked by this kind of deeds. It is a surprised and surprising laughter, the reward of a good joke. So, The burden of the house contains all sort of unexpected events. A couple of actors have to improvise, under the curious eyes of the spectators, all the unforeseen that could happen. After centuries of rehearsals that lasted approximately three days, we reached the point where the show isn`t finished at all. And it will never be. Because, each time, something else is about to happen. We wanted to surprise and what can be more playful than the… `extemporaneous accidental`?

Corneliu Jipa

Marghiolița: Antonia Ionescu / Cosmina Lirca
Zamfira: Delia Lazăr
Boier Pâlciu: Cristian Olaru
Leonil: Radu Câmpean
Dr Frantz: Mircea Silaghi
Nicu Pâlciu: Răzvan Tedodorescu
Ioana: Maria Nicola

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