The Firebird

A show by Irina Niculescu

Music: Igor Stravinsky
Scenography: John Lewandowski

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu | Lights and sound: Andrei Enache | Tailoring: Georgeta Brânzea | Wardrobe: Georgeta Pleșea | Stage technics: Teofil Diaconeasa

Suggested age: over 6 years old

Premiere: 3rd of March 2017, Main Hall
Durata: 40min

A shadow theatre production, based on Igor Stravinsky music, and an adaptation of the story `The Firebird and Kaschei, the evil magician.` Light and dark meet on the canvas screen to give birth to a rather ephemeral, but fascinating world, two features that depict the essence of theatre itself very well.

The darkness and the evil conquer sometimes the human soul. The Good has, however, an invincible weapon, that is why it triumphs in the end: the power of sacrificing in the name of love towards others, towards life. The Firebird is a Phoenix bird which is said to live thousands of years. When it feels that its end is near, it builds a nest out of fragrant plants and incense and burns it up, being itself consumed at the same time. Out of the remained ash, another Firebird arises. Its trill has the power to heal, to give sight to the blind ones. In our story, The Firebird fascinates Ivan and, in his soul, a grain of light appears, which remains there forever. Ivan and The Firebird will dispel the witchery of Kaschei – the dictator, will wake up the world frozen by him and Ivan will meet his parents again.

Once more, the light chases the dark away, love and faith overpower everything.


Irina Niculescu belongs to a theatre generation that built the new bases for the professional puppeteer outlook. She gained The Master of Fine Arts suma cum laude of The Theatre, Film and Music Academy, Charles University from Prague. She directs shows and teaches puppetry in Europe, USA, Canada and Taiwan.

John Lewandowski began his career as an actor on Broadway, working with the New York Shakespeare Festival and the Public Theater. From 1986 to 1989 he co-directed the professional training program in Puppet Theater at the Royal Norwegian Theater, the Riksteatret. From 1990 to 2005 he was the Artistic Director of the Geneva Marionette Theater. In 2006 John came to Cincinnati to take the position of Artistic Executive Director at Madcap Productions until 2015.

Ana Maria CUCUTĂ
Cristina DUMITRA
Cosmin COSMA
Teodora ANTAL
Voice-over: Sebastian BĂLĂȘOIU

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