Carrot Head

Directing: Viorica Máté

Scenography: Valentin Codoiu
Music: Venczel Péter

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Lights: Andrei Enache

The `Carrot Head` show is made out of five preachy stories from the life of a seven or eight years old boy. Each adventure has a different title, showing that it contains an intrigue, an independent dramaturgical node, reaching an end that gives space to reflection. In the center of these five adventures exists the main character, the reddish-freckled boy, Carrot Head – animated by a major preoccupation: Where is the center of the Universe? To find the answer, he wanders through the world whenever he has the opportunity, even in the big break – with two companions, guides and adviser-magicians: Uncle Dinu and his friend, Doctor Tache. Coming from the adult’s world, the friends of Carrot Head remind us somehow of the famous characters of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, of Detective Sherlock Holmes and of Doctor Wattson – but their role is to accompany the kid on his initial route, at the end of which, going through different tests, Carrot Heat will get to know himself better. After these getaways in the world, the boy will learn the compassion, solidarity, implication in helping the poor ones; he meets, for the first time, with the feeling of love and responsibility (in the `Run, squirrel!` story) and he will demonstrate, in front of the other children, his fidelity and devotion to his marginalized friend (`When we will be whales…`).

After all the events, the answer to the question Where is the center of the Universe? comes naturally: the center of the Universe is within each of us. There are as many centers of the world as human beings.

Ana-Maria Cucută
Costin Butăroiu
Ionuț Constantinescu
Daniela Ruxandra Mihai
George Simian
Cristian Olaru
Ștefan Ștefănescu

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