Ward no. 6

after A. P. Cehov

Dramatization: Dumitru Acriș
Translation: Cristian Tătaru

Director: Dumitru Acriș (Moscow)
Scenography: Liliya Khismatullina (Moscow)

Stage manager: Mircea Macarie | Lights: Adrian Dragomir | Sound: Andrei Enache | Props: Eduard Ștefan | Wardrobe: Georgeta Pleșa | Grips: Teofil Diaconeasa, Florin Necșoiu, Gheorghe Dima | Tailoring: Georgeta Brânzea | Carpenters: Adrian Stoichiță, Florin Duțan, Florin Dițescu

Premiere: 17th of November 2016, Main Hall
Duration: 2h 15min (no intervals)

Which are the differences between a mad man and a normal one? It’s about the way he sees the reality. Which reality? We ourselves own it and create it. It’s like a game with a few rules and infinite possibilities. That`s why our mind plays tricks on us so often. It loses itself in a myriad of ideas, developing obsessions and fears… the mind gets mad, declaring war to the existence. Ward no. 6 came out from the courage of fighting for a better world and it’s a “slap in the face” for all those who give up on their dreams.

Andrei Efimovici – Liviu Cheloiu
Hobotov – Mircea Silaghi
Asistenta – Lavinia Pele
Fecluska – Cristina Dumitra
Mihail Averianovici – Vlad Jipa
Nikita – Ionuț Achivoaie

Ward no. 6:
Ivan Dmitrici – Bogdan Farcaș
Moiseika – Sebastian Bălășoiu
Un bolnav – Radu Câmpean
Alt bolnav – Ilie Ghergu
Alt bolnav – Ștefan Ștefănescu

Photo credit: Maria Ștefănescu

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