Three Sisters

by A. P. Cehov
Translation: Raluca Rădulescu 

Director: Aleksandar Ivanovski
Scenography: Valentin Codoiu

Stage manager: Radu Ilicea | Sound: Emil Matei | Lights: Adrian Dragomir and Oana Caibăr| Videos: Cătălin Buzea | Props: Eduard Ştefan | Wardrobe: Georgeta Pleşea | Grips: Teofil Diaconeasa, Emilian Alecu, Nicolae Cobianu | Tailoring: Raluca Frățiloiu and Georgeta Brânzea | Carpenters: Adrian Stoichiţă, Florin Duţan, Florin Diţescu

Premiere: 8th of October 2016, Main Hall
Duration: 3h

Chekhov’s Three Sisters is a comedy of what could be.

The characters live – just like us – in a destabilized world, a world in collapse from all points of view, a world thirsty for a new order. A silent war goes on around us and imperceptibly becomes more and more present. Private space that we, once, dominated so superior, is now gradually conquered, abused, raped. What can we do? What should we do? How should we live in this new world?

We follow Chekhov’s characters struggle, but they continue to point at us. The time slips through their fingers, burying them in unanswered questions. Why their love is not enough? They are trapped in different individual realities without even coincide memories – what should they remember and how?

The play is a terrifying and brutal poem that talks about how to be simpler, more authentic, more ourselves.

(Alexandar Ivanovski, director)

If everything is in vain, because nothing inspires them to achieve the ideal, every single day in the lives of these characters seem to turn off. Their life is always elsewhere. Finally, forced by circumstances to accept that their place is where it is already, they will find refuge in work and the simple joys of family life.

Olga – Mihaela Trofimov
Mașa – Andreea Tănase
Irina – Elisabeta Râmboi
Prozorov – Ilie Iordan
Natalia – Ana Maria Carablais
Kulîghin – Alexandru Năstase
Verșînin – Bogdan Farcaș
Tuzenbah – Liviu Pintileasa
Cebutîkin – Corneliu Jipa
Solionîi – Radu Câmpean
Fedotik – Ștefan Pavel
Rode – Cristian Olaru
Ferapont – Cristina Dumitra
Anfisa – Carmen Ionescu

Photo credit: Maria Ștefănescu

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