The Beauty of Venice in September

by Teodor Mazilu
– show-coupé –

A show by Mc Ranin and Cătălina Baciu

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Lights: Oana Caibăr

Premiere: 23rd of September 2016, Studio Hall
Duration: 1h

The masks that each of us wears, in order to protect himself against the suffering, show a complex and rather paradoxical nature of the human being. The contrast between imagination and reality gives rise to the tragic and the comic of the existence. Our great dreams meet the simple truth. `How would it be not to be this way, but the other way round?` is the question to which the answer always hides into the future.

The Beauty of Venice in September is one of the short plays of Teodor Mazilu, a play in which the characters meet the desired reality, but don`t know to recognise it. Dreaming is more comfortable, lying in the lack of responsibility and implication.

The same title has the production of Tony Bulandra Theatre, a coupe show that contains also the play Stone your lovers, directed by Mc Ranin, who also signs the scenography. Stone your lovers is a short play as well, that catches a small part of the personal life of a director and his actress. Different typologies, he – the omniscient arrogant, she – the woman aware of her main quality, the beauty – meet in order to surpass their biggest fears: his fear of death, her fear of lacking talent.

Both plays, which form the coupe show, have two characters. The interesting fact is that the feminine character does not change. She is played by the same actress, Camelia Varga, who builds her role through charm, expressiveness and energy. He is the one who changes. We come to know the actor Mircea Silaghi in The Beauty of Venice in September, an actor that embodies his character with poetry, with a wistful and swaggering air and with the manly power that springs out of an intensive glance. In Stone your lovers the role of a rational, pragmatic and strong-minded man is played by the actor Radu Câmpean.

The result of these characters interactions is a comic one, that still can`t chase away the question: `Why our lives are always somewhere else, with somebody else? Romance, humor, passion and innocence – all and much more than these are gathered on the stage of the Târgoviște theatre.

* The Beauty of Venice in September
Mrs. – Camelia Varga
Mr. – Mircea Silaghi

* Stone your lovers
Emilia – Camelia Varga
Valentin – Radu Câmpean

Photo credit: Cristi Iordache

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