I`m Arriving Tonight

by Tudor Mușatescu

Director: Laurențiu Calomfirescu
Scenography: Mc Ranin

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu | Lights: Adrian Dragomir | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Props: Eduard Ștefan | Costumes: Georgeta Pleșa | Grips: Liviu Dobrescu, Ion Bogdan, Teofil Diaconeasa, Gheorghe Dima

Premiere: February 25, 2011, Main Hall
Duration: 2h (no intervals)

A sentimental and cosy comedy in which the characters` diversity mingles with the conflict and  with amusing and vivid lines.

Tudor Mușatescu – epigrams, sketches and novels` author – consciously dedicated body and soul to theatre as playwright, translator, director, theatre owner and manager. Critics mention him as a devoted successor of Caragiale morals comedies through typologies, situations and spirtitual dialogues. The play `Fires on the treasures` represented his stage debut in Paris, in 1923.

The play `I`m arriving tonight` is a sentimental comedy of the provincial society. The writer kindly laughs about the narrow-minded persons who, at the same time, have great expectations, he particulary portrays sparkling, but frothy characters, he amuses and touches, he finds the daily poetry and ridicule and places them in an appeasement atmosphere. (Virgil Brădățeanu, The History of Romanian Dramatic Literature and Performing Art)

Olimpiu – Corneliu Jipa
Puiu – Sebastian Bălășoiu
Anisoara – Ana Maria Carablais
Adelaida – Delia Lazăr
Sache – Ilie Ghergu

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