by Michal Walczak

Director: Chris Nedeea 

Scenography: Marius Nițu | Light design: Oana Caibar & Adrian Dragomir | Video design: Cătălin Buzea | Sound design: Emil Matei | Stage manager: Radu Ilicea

Premiere: 25th of March 2016, Main Stage
Duration: 1h 50min

Amazonia, written in 2009, is a true saga of the individual lost in the urban jungle of derision. Is a contemporary comedy that depicts with irony and sarcasm the beginning of young actors career in show business, the difficulties and failures encountered by the  protagonists who have to walk on this tortuous and costly road. It might cost them personal life, human relationships and mental health.

Amazonia  is a critical view  thrown inside of the show business from here and elsewhere and also a love story that lasts until the end, in the most classic tradition of happy ending. Michal Walczak (born in 1980) studied theater directing at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw and is one of the most prolific dramatists of the younger generation. He debuted in 2001 with the show „SANDBOX”, a story about HIS and HER inability to communicate emotionally and to love. This text has enjoyed immediate success, being staged in 11 theaters in Poland and the US and translated into German, English, Hungarian, Czech and Italian.

Cosmina Lirca
Mircea Silaghi
Cristian Olaru
Ilie Ghergu
Camelia Pintilie
Radu Câmpean
Andreea Tănase
Sebastian Marina

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