by Henrik Ibsen

Director: Gelu Badea

Scenography: Mc Ranin


Nora Helmer – Antonia Ionescu Micu

Torvald Helmer – Mircea Silaghi

Nils Krogstad – Marin Grigore

Doctor Rank – Corneliu Jipa

Christine Linde – Andreea Tănase

Premiere: January 14, 2016, Studio Hall
Duration: 2h

“Nora”  premiered at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, on 21 December 1879. The play was performed in front of a large audience and recorded a huge success. Today, works of Ibsen represent an essential part of universal theatrical repertoire, in each month being presented on about 100 stages worldwide.

Nora is a controversial female character, with proselytes and opponents, with  pros and cons regarding her actions and character. Initially, only a puppet with a constrained personality, without initiative, unable to express herself, reaches her existential turning point, the moment of her first major decisions. Awakening from the lethargy in which she has lived means the revealing of her own ego.
Until then a doll closed in a luxury cage, Nora manages to discover herself. For the first time, she sees herself as a human being with her own conscience and personality, complete with its own soul and with capacity to discern. At that moment, she denies her past existence, refusing the posture of a puppet tenant of a dolls house, asking for a new way in life. She seeks for a different view on life, other principles to guide from that point on. Nora precedes today’s modern woman, who is not content to be just a shadow behind a man, but wants to become a successful woman with her own personality, her own aspirations, his own career.

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu

Lights: Oana Dragomir

Sound: Cătălin Buzea

Costumes: Mihaela Radu

Tailoring: Georgeta Brânzea

Props: Eduard Ștefan

Grips: Teofil Diaconeasa and Florin Necșoiu

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