Fools in the moonlight

after Teodor Mazilu

Directed by Constantin Tache Florescu

Scenography: Maria Nicola

Music: Marina Pingulescu and Mihai Balabaș


Gogu – Emanuel Bighe

Ortansa – Oana Marcu

Clementina – Maria Nicola

Emilian – Florin Georgescu

Vasilica – Iulia Verdeș

Ortansa’s Mother – Camelia Varga

Ortansa’s Father – Ilie Ghergu

A waiter – Octavia Gheboianu

Premiere: October 12, 2023, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 30min (no interval)

`Fools in the Moonlight` is a comedy. Its characters yearn to be authentic at all costs. They have a troubled inside, but they look like great pranksters on the outside, because their aspirations change easily. They make great promises and give ultimatums, that they later break with a smile on their faces. Maiden shy smile.

The playwright himself indicates under the play`s title that this is a false tragedy. Everything is, in the beginning, an end of the world, which then, in a short time turns into an opportunity. What is the play about? It`s always about love, money, politics and truth. Great topics that stir up the fools` lives and make them utter all sorts of so-called witticisms.

Teodor Mazilu, a Romanian publicist, writer and playwright wrote short stories, novels, plays, in an obvious satirical vein, against the oppressive communist regime. His writing has an incisive, but detached character and it refers to the most ardent realities of his time. His paradoxical characters` lines are vivid and they are, as the characters themselves, an unexpected mixture of a strong and weak wit.

The show proposed by the actor and the professor Constantin Tache Florescu focuses on authenticity, the one that the characters dream of, even in their wicked actions, and also that of the actors who have to deal with two attitudes: an utter belief in their character and a distanced one when judging their character… when confronted with a failure, it changes the course of action. A distance effect, a detachment that allows for the actors to show their talent and that also allows for those comic elements that generate a huge laughter.

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu

Sound: Cătălin Buzea

Lights: Oana Dragomir

Tailoring: Georgeta Brânzea

Dressing: Rodica Petrache

Props: Cosmin Liță

Stagehands: Vicențiu Dumitrescu, Nicolae Cobianu




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