The Memory of Water

by Shelagh Stephenson

Director: Răzvan Mureșan
Scenography: Tudor Luncanu
Translation: Diana David

Premiere: 4th November, 2014, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 15min

Memory of Water vs Memory of blood

Three sisters – Teresa, Mary and Catherine – reunite on the occasion of the death of their mother, each of them haunted by their own demons. The text focuses more on how each of the sisters coping with the death of the mother and of the way in which they are directly affected. The three have different recollections about the same events, which causes constant disputes related to accuracy of memories. Once these women are reunited after years of separation, all the lies and betrayals of  himself  hidden out on the surface. The play respects the unity of time/space/character of ancient tragedy, but comic moments are so evenly distributed along the length of the text that it can say that it’s a tragicomedy.

Mary – Lana Moscaliuc
Teresa – Ioana Farcaș
Catherine – Ingrid Robu
Vi – Cristina Dumitra
Frank – Cătălin Mareș
Mike – Sebastian Bălășoiu





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