after a text of Samuel Beckett

Director: Casandra Topologeanu

Performing theater show

Video and sound design: Cătălin Cărămidă and Ovidiu Cristian
Lightdesign and sound: Andrei Enache

Premiere: 4th July, 2021, Studio Hall
Duration: 1h (no interval)

#nuEu is a performative theater show about a woman in isolation who tries to recover her life by confronting her own past. A woman who reconstructs her life in a live diary, trying to regain her own femininity.

A woman who discovers her voice, a stream of words, of feelings, in a mixture of meaning and nonsense. The show is a puzzle, fragments of stories, fragments of life that try to recompose. Everything is, apparently, meaningless, as in any Beckettian universe, the main character having the task of putting events together.

The show uses special effects of light and sound and is not recommended for children, pregnant women, people suffering from epilepsy, those with pacemakers or those with photosensitivity.

Andreea Tănase

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