A+B & C+D

Script and directing: Corneliu Jipa

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu, Lights: Oana Caibăr, Sound: Cătălin Buzea

Premiere: 2nd July, 2021, Main Hall
Duration: 1h (no interval)

In A + B everything is based on game / play. Two women meet each other in a neutral space that they populate with their imagination. Anything is allowed in there. They are allowed to play beyond any constraints.

In C + D I tried to intertwine candor and abjection, to show that in one man there are in fact several. That “one man” is the ACTOR. He must be able to play on the razor’s edge, to go from one extreme condition to another extreme condition. The ACTOR must overcome himself, must be better than himself. I should write (also) ACTRESS. But I stopped at the generic name: ACTOR.

Corneliu Jipa

Delia Lazăr
Iulia Verdeș

Maria Nicola
Radu Câmpean

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