La Lilieci 2.0

inspired by the texts of Marin Sorescu

Direction and scenography: Ionuț Gavrilă

after a screenplay by Ana-Maria Nistor

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu, Lights: Oana Caibăr and Adrian Dragomir, Sound: Andrei Enache, Video mapping: Cătălin Buzea

Premiere: May 15, 2021, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 15min (no interval)


La Lilieci is not a play. It is not a play, although it abounds in theatricality. La Lilieci is more of an epic. But first of all, La Lilieci is a place. A space where time can move forward or backward, according to the good will of the memory of the people, of the village, of Marin Sorescu’s Bulzești. La Lilieci is the cemetery. An unfixed, but inevitable destination, which makes the collective journey all the more important, more colorful, more vivid.

In La Lilieci, Marin Sorescu creates a territory of immanence, a huge depository of consciences that does not fix reality, but projects the past as a solution, be it illusory, for the future. A future that, this year (2021), we can hardly even dream of.

La Lilieci 2.0 is a show about proximity and delimitation in which life and death are in a non-threatening complicity. About ways of being, understanding, acting that today’s world no longer perceives. The show contains an event set around a death that in turn becomes an occasion of envy, adultery, suicide, wedding … Humor is the guarantee of Marin Sorescu, and our hope is that La Lilieci can also become a theatrical destination.

Riţa – Ana Maria Carablais

Ciula – Antonia Ionescu

Mitruța – Iulia Verdeș

Fata – Ana Maria Cucută

Măria Bălii – Cristina Dumitra

Anica Bolânda – Maria Nicola

Aurica – Delia Lazăr

Leana – Camelia Varga

Nea Miai – Liviu Cheloiu

Lungu Nebunu – Sebastian Bălășoiu

Radu Clanaristul – Radu Câmpean

Mărin – Cristian Olaru

Mitrele – Emanuel Bighe

Costache – Mircea Silaghi

Păun Umblatul – Florin Georgescu

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