Richard III

by William Shakespeare

Directed by Di Trevis
Scenography: Mc Ranin
Music: Dominic Muldowney
Dramaturgy: Mircea Laslo and Cătălina Baciu

Light design: Adrian Dragomir and Oana Caibăr | Sound: Emil Matei | Tailoring: Georgeta Brânzea | Assistant director: Cătălina Baciu | Stage manager: Mircea Macarie | Head of production: Iulian Scarlat | Wardrobe: Georgeta Pleșa | Props: Eduard Ștefan | Statuary: Alin Gavrilă and Alexandru Mocanu | Llining: Marius Nițu | Carpenters: Emilian Alecu and Adrian Stoichiță | Grips: Teofil Diaconeasa and Florin Necșoiu

Premiere: 3rd of October 2015, Main Hall
Duration: 2h 30min (with intervals)


Discovered in September 2012, Richard’s skeleton has sparked a new wave of research and a renewal in the interest towards his dramatic story. The body had suffered abuse even after death, in the form of insult injuries, such as the bone-grazing puncture wound in his pelvic region. These clues point towards a very antagonistic attitude towards Richard, which is in perfect accord with Shakespeare’s vision of his life and death.

The show staged by Di Trevis of Royal Shakespeare Company fame is woven together from echoes of these shocking images, as suggested by the archaeological discovery. The story of the last York king of England takes place outside of time, in a profoundly universal and aesthetic space. Richard talks to the audience often, with complete honesty, unfurling his fascinating and flawed humanity and thus transcending the boundaries of history.

Thus, the story of Richard the 3rd, the King, becomes the story of Richard of Gloucester, the man – a seductive and terrifying man, whose intelligence and vision have left their mark on the entire world.

Richard III: Liviu Pintileasa
Buckingham: Liviu Cheloiu
Edward IV / Mayor of London: Cătălin Mareș
Queen Elisabeth: Ioana Farcaş
Clarence (and other parts): Mircea Silaghi
Hastings / Tyrrel: Sebastian Marina
Stanley: Radu Câmpean
Ratcliff/Priest (and other parts): Corneliu Jipa
Catesby/Brackenbury: Bogdan Farcaş
Lady Anne: Mihaela Velicu
Rivers / Murderer: Sebastian Bălăşoiu
Grey/ Richmond: Daniel Nuţă
Queen Margaret/ Prince Edward: Cristina Pleşa
Prince Richard of York: Andreea Papp
Dorset (and other parts): Cristian Olaru
Little George, son of Stanley: Antonio Rădulescu

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