Crime and Punishment

by F. M. Dostoievski

directed by Dumitru Acriș (Moscow) 

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Lights: Adrian Dragomir

Premiere: 4th December, 2019, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 45min (no interval)

Each person is the sum of all the people he has met. Each interaction puts a certain type of message, energy, reaction. We are mirrors for each other. We are less aware of the way and force we influence those around us, our way of being and our actions.

The show “Crime and punishment” proposed by the director Dumitru Acriș (Moscow), at the Tony Bulandra Theater in Târgoviște, is based on these ideas: the duality or, better said, the plurality of the human being and its reflections. It is precisely because of this vision that one reaches a “crime and punishment” without Raskolnikov … in fact, without a unique Raskolnikov, but one reflected in each of the other characters. Each performer, whether male or female, is coming to play Raskolnikov, to show us a certain aspect of it. The student has delved into the depths of each of them and now they are almost unconsciously reproducing what marked them or revealed what they themselves imprinted on Raskolnikov’s personality.

“Crime and punishment” without Raskolnikov is a completely new and very brave vision. However, the convention is easily accepted, because it determines the viewer to use his distributive, detective-like attention. From the amount of psychological actions one chooses an shattering conclusion: everyone is capable of everything. Everyone is on the trail of the killer, but the killer is in us. Therefore, do not judge!

Rodion Romanovici Raskolnikov – Bogdan Farcaș, Andrada Fuscaș, Ana Maria Carablais, Iulia Verdeș, Cristina Dumitra, Liviu Cheloiu, Teodora Filip, Andreea Tănase, Corneliu Jipa, Daniel Nuță

Avdotia Romanovna Raskolnikova – Andrada Fuscaș

Pulcheria Alexandrovna Raskolnikova – Ana Maria Carablais

Sofia Semionovna Marmeladova – Teodora Filip

Katerina Ivanovna Marmeladova – Andreea Tănase

Semion Zaharovici Marmeladov – Liviu Cheloiu

Porfiri Petrovici – Bogdan Farcaș

Arkadi Ivanovici Svidrigailov – Daniel Nuță

Piotr Petrovici Lujin – Corneliu Jipa

Aliona Ivanovna – Cristina Dumitra

Lizaveta Ivanovna – Iulia Verdeș

Photo credit: Mihai Bălăceanu

Photo credit: Augustina Iohan

Photo credit: Maria Ștefănescu





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