Script by Radu Dinulescu

Director: Radu Dinulescu
Stereoscopic 3D graphics: Armand Richelet-Kleinberg
Scenography: Cristina Grigoraș Johnson

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Sound & video: Andrei Enache | Grip: Liviu Dobrescu

The show is dedicated to spectators over 6 years

Premiere: 2nd of  November 2019, Studio Hall
Duration: 50min

The production “Cernozaurii” is a type of show still unique in the world, but which has verified its artistic and commercial value to the public. It will include in its aesthetics, in addition to the theatrical component, live television elements (much of the action takes place on the television sets, and the footage is transmitted, in real time, on a transparent screen), stereoscopic 3D animation projection (everything related to the fantastic world of mutants, snooping, can be seen with the help of 3D active glasses), theater of objects (the real world is represented by the actors, and the snooping world is represented by dolls on the table and medium-sized puppets , approx. 40 – 50 cm). The dolls and actors evolve both in front of and behind the transparent tulle screen, specially treated to allow stereoscopic projection. This installation requires the work of discovering a new language, specific to a new type of art that combines the theater with the stereoscopic 3D image, as well as the live TV broadcast. The AFCN funding made it possible to complete the staging of what was initially a workshop.

“Chernosaurus” represents a starting point for debates on new trends in world spectacle, in the development of multidisciplinary shows: multimedia shows, circus theater, dance theater, puppet theater, genres to which has been added and a component related to the digital arts. A new topic of debate is that of the inadequate use of nuclear energy, on the inadequate treatment of nuclear waste from local power plants or waste from other countries in order to be treated or stored in us. Another topic of debate would be that of religious reconciliation of eucumenism, tolerance.

Radu Dinulescu is a director, set designer, translator, playwright and screenwriter. He has worked with many theaters in the country, having an innate ability to be ubiquitous. All the projects he proposed or his team were based on innovative ideas, state-of-the-art technologies, always put together with the humanity of the actor. He has held the position of director or artistic director of many festivals in the country. He is a very good speaker of the French language where, not infrequently, he has worked in some European shows or projects, such as the present one, the N.A.P.P. project, which represented the fertile ground for the production of “Chernosaurus”.

Together with Armand Richelet, Radu Dinulescu created a brand (small shows, with dolls and 3D images) that was very successful in both Romania and France. Among the creations of the two are: The Fabulous Journey of Mr. Nostoc, Mr. Nostoc and the mysteries of the Ocean, Mr. Nostoc and the book cabin, The Migrant Wolf, The Mechanical Princess, Tohu Bohu.
The most important thing is that all these shows are educational, they have topics of major importance that generate, after representation, discussions and debates: preserving nature, making the world, recycling unnecessary objects, migration, accepting the other.
The work at this show will also represent a school that aims to train a type of actor / performer who, in addition to covering the roles of handling and acting, can also ensure the technical management of the show. From this point of view, the production of “Chernosaurus” aims to align itself with a modern trend, of a western type, following a quality product, which can, however, be played in any space. The Romanian theater needs this soul, this type of production, it needs to train the actors with this type of relationship with the show in which they play.

Mihai Bălăceanu

Cristian Olaru

Ana-Maria Cucută

Teodora Colț




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