We are made of star dust

Directed by: Scott Johnston (Scotland)

Premiere: 9th June, 2019, Main Hall
Duration: 1h (no interval)

Edinburgh College director and professor, Scott Johnston, created a special show for BABEL Festival 2019, only with Tony Bulandra Theater volunteers aged 16-19. The show had the premiere in the festival, and was resumed in September as a permanent show of 2019/2020 season, with every month representations.

The story of the show is made up of texts written by volunteers themselves. The director gave them certain topics to write about, topics that became personal. Therefore, each sequence was loaded with adolescent poetry, enthusiasm and youthful sensitivity. In the age of digitalization, “We are made of star dust” proves once again, even through this generation Z, post-millennials, that human interaction remains the most important, an indicator of soul`s health and a reason of true joy.

Regulile lui Scott / Scott`s rules:

Experience not essential

Positive outgoing attitude

Disciplined worker

Creative thinker

Speaks some English (not essential)

Sense of humour

Willing to take creative risks

Neaoș românesc:

Experiența nu-i tăt!

Șezi blând și fii pe pace!

Osul la treabă!

Mintea la contribuție!

Oțâr` pe englezește nu strică! (da`, dacă nu știi nica, tăt nu-i bai!)

Haz de necaz!

Rică, fără frică!

BABEL Festival volunteers:

Anca Gabriela Vezeteu
Ioana Teodora Brezoi-Mirică
Iulia Elena Stroie
Camelia Elena Barbu
Ștefania Beatrice Stelea
Dariana Rebeca Zamfir
Anca Elena Bălaș
Maria Emma Istrate
Remi Iulian Dobre
Horia Mihai Rizescu
Robert Iamandi
Andrei Vlad Vasile
Dariana Irina Vasile
Ștefania Nițescu
Elena Bălan




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