The Kreutzer Sonata

after Lev Tolstoi

A show by Mc Ranin

Coreography: Hugo Wolff
Execution of costumes: RaLuca Frățiloiu și Georgeta Brânzea

Stage manager: Mircea Macarie | Light design: Adrian Dragomir and Oana Caibăr | Video execution: Radu Ilicea | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Grip: Florin Necșoiu

Premiere: 10th March, 2019, Main Hall
Duration: 1h 10min

The family life and the adultery problem were a source of inspiration for many writers. Leo Tolstoy, the father of 13 children, with a wife 16 years younger than him, writes the Kreutzer Sonata at an old age, after creating the great masterpieces, `Anna Karenina` and `War and Peace`.

`Kreutzer Sonata` is a story about jealousy, but it is especially about the woman’s condition, and the spiritual limitations imposed by a domestic life. The invisible threads of music wraps the fireball of sexual attraction between Natalia and Troukhatchevsky. Pozdnyshev, being driven by primitive jealousy, will end the fresh adultery. In this version of the text, which is adapted for the stage, it is also about the author-character relationship. Tolstoy is present and leads the action. The author drives his character crazy, the created character makes the author mad.

The symbiosis between the victim and the executioner is a constant of jealousy, but also of creation.

Tolstoi – Mihai Verbițchi
Natalia – Iulia Verdeș
Posdnyschev – Ilie Iordan
Troukhatchevsky – Mircea Silaghi




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