The Trouble

by I.L. Caragiale

Director: Cătălin Chirilă

Stage manager: Alexandru Sandu | Lights: Oana Caibăr | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Props: Eduard Ștefan | Costumes: Georgeta Pleșa | Grip: Florin Necșoiu

“The Trouble” – even though a classic play by Caragiale, this production uses a new vision in which emphasis is placed on the real story and not on its mystical aura. For director Cătălin Chirilă and for the young people of 2008, Anca – the main character – it’s not the perfect victim but, on the contrary, can be regarded as guilty for murder. The play has in distribution four young actors already well known by the public of Târgoviște for their performance over the past five years: Delia Lazăr, Liviu Cheloiu, Bogdan Farcaș and Sebastian Bălășoiu..

Anca: Delia Lazăr
Dragomir: Liviu Cheloiu
Gheorghe: Bogdan Farcaș
Ion: Sebastian Bălășoiu

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