The Little Mermaid

Direction and Screenplay: Gabriel Apostol

Scenography: Oltea-Clara Dărângă Râșnovanu

Music: Dan Bălan

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Lights: Andrei Enache

The story that has fascinated and affectioned for many generations over time will be presented in a very special and colorful form.

Although, following the story of H.C. Andersen, Gabriel Apostol has created a completely new and exciting script.

An ageless story through which children enter a fascinating and glamorous world that they will surely love. A whole gallery of animals and astonishing characters will receive public attention in a miraculous setting, both underwater and on land. We hope this show is a very pleasant surprise, a joy for all children.

Storyteller/Triton – Ștefan Ștefănescu
The King – Răzvan Teodorescu
Little Mermaid –  Ana Maria Cucută
Ursula, the Sea Witch – Cristina Dumitra
Dolphin/The King’s Councillor- Cristian Olaru
The Prince – Mihai Bălăceanu



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