The Dog

by Valentin Krasnogorov

Director: Horațiu Mihaiu

Stage manager: Radu Ilicea | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Lights: Oana Caibăr

Premiere: 27th of October 2018, Studio Hall
Duration: 1h 10min. (no interval)


We ask the audience to understand that the show “THE DOG”
it is NOT a documentary theater show,
it is NOT a theater-social play,
it was NOT written on the basis of interviews,
do NOT use actors at the microphone,
the actors do NOT sit at a table and just speak their speeches,
it is NOT just a niche of spectators,
do NOT involve teenage problems,
it is NOT about minorities or about immigrants,
do NOT debate political situations and
do NOT use vulgar language.

Unfortunately, it’s just a theater show.

To prevent some surprises, we want to warn the honorable public, before entering the hall, that our show is about: separation, leaving, friendship, abandonment, couple life, selfishness, affection, love, marriage, tenderness, indecision, principles, state of affairs, waiting, clichés, crafts, violence, trickery, eroticism, human values, lying, honor, kindness, desire, boasting, happiness, sensitivity, sensuality, domination, persuasion, memories, pain, indifference, flunkeyism, duty, irritation, pride, belonging, illusion, friendship, suspicion, renunciation, acceptance and …

Horațiu Mihaiu, regizor

VALENTIN KRASNOGOROV (born 1934) is one of the great contemporary writers and playwrights. He has written over 35 plays, played in over 400 theaters in the world, has been translated into many languages, his work being widely appreciated by critics and the public.

The play “The Dog” is a tragedy-comedy, having as a subject the relationship between a dog and his master, seen from the perspective of a dog shelter manager. It is also an opportunity to explore man’s spirits, surprised in difficult situations of life, in the position of making dramatic decisions, but also in situations that reveal the human misery that we often do not want to recognize.

A short, but very strong piece, impossible to forget!

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