The Cherry Orchard

after A.P. Cehov

Adaptation: Kihoon We
Director: Jeungwoo Son
Scenography: Maria Miu
Scenography assistant: Diana Sav
Coreography: Hugo Wolff

Stage managers: Radu Ilicea & Alexandru Sandu | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Lights: Oana Caibăr

Premiere: 29th September, 2018, Main Hall
Duration: 2h 30min. (with interval)

The director Jeungwoo Son’s view upon the staging on the scene of Târgoviște is summed up in the following words: “The characters from the play – The Cherry Orchard – live a life similar to dust. The change is inevitable and causes a life crisis, an emotional shock.  Human beings live with their own flaws out of habit. There is no man who made no mistakes… It is all about light and shadow. This play expresses the duality, the coexistence. The symbolism of the trees blends together the present, past and the unknown future”.

Jeungwoo Son, Korean theatre director, graduated a Master in Fine Arts at the Syracuse University from New York, United States of America. He has been an acting professor at Kyonggi University ever since 2001 and he directed many shows. He received Awards for Directing at the Theatrical Festival from Seoul in 2012 and 2013. Also, in the 2013 he received another Award recognizing his outstanding skills as a director, entitled the Shakespeare Performance Award. He was artistic director of the ST-Bomb Festival from Seoul and a board member of many other international festivals, among which we mention also the International Festival of Performing Arts Târgoviște, Babel.

Liubov Andreevna Ranevskaia – Adriana Irimescu
Ermolai Alekseevici Lopahin – Mircea Silaghi
Leonid Andreevici Gaev – Ilie Iordan
Varia – Andrada Fuscaș
Ania –Teodora Colț
Peter Sergheievici Trofimov – Emanuel Bighe
Boris Borisovici Simeonov Pișcik – Ilie Ghergu
Firs – Corneliu Jipa
Clerk at the post office  / Peasant – Florin Georgescu

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