The Marriage of Figaro

by Pierre-Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais

a show by Mc Ranin

Costumes made by RaLuca Frățiloiu
Wigs made by Anca Răduță

With the participation of the Appassionato Choir, conductor Prof. Florin Badea

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Lights: Adrian Dragomir | Sound: Cătălin Buzea | Props: Eduard Ștefan | Wardrobe: Georgeta Pleșa | Costumes for stage technicians: Georgeta Brânzea | Stage technicians: Iulian Scarlat, Teofil Diaconeasa, Gheorghe Dima, Dan Georgescu, Florin Necșoiu

Premiere: 24th February, 2018, Main Hall
Duration: 2h 10 min (no interval)

The staging depicts by costumes, decoration and music, the baroque atmosphere of the period when Pierre Beaumarchais wrote and placed the story, and by the director’s message and style of play refers somehow to the theater of the absurd, the technique of the cartoon that reveals the essence.

Marriages follow one by one spectacularly fast. After Count Almaviva married Rosina, helped by her clever Figaro servant, it was now his turn to unite his destiny with his chosen heart, Suzanne, the maid of Rosina, who became the Countess of Almaviva. The Count, however, after only three years of family life, tries to prevent his valet from fulfilling his dream because he wants Suzanne for himself as a rescue against boredom. By skill and honesty, Figaro puts an end to his master’s dishonest plans, becoming an emblem for the third-class people, deprived of justice and indolently treated by the privileged class. Comic situations take place throughout the play, because, as Beaumarchais asked, “can peace and love live together in the same heart?”

Count Almaviva – Bogdan Farcaș
Countess Almaviva – Iulia Verdeș
Figaro – Sebastian Bălășoiu
Suzanne – Ioana Farcaș
Marcelline – Magda Catone
Antonio – Corneliu Jipa
Fanchette – Camelia Varga
Cherubin – Emanuel Bighe
Bartholo – Radu Câmpean
Bazile – Nicodim Ungureanu
Brid`oison – Mircea Silaghi
Grippe-Soleil/Grefierul – Ilie Ghergu
Pedrille – Răzvan Teodorescu

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