Păcală’s Adventures

Children’s musical show inspired by:
Alexandru Mitru, Petre Dulfu, Ioan Slavici, folk stories

Text, music selection and direction: Antoniu Vasile Berenyi
Scenography and costumes: Mc Ranin

Musical arrangement: Toni Drăguș

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Lights and sound: Andrei Enache | Production manager: Gheorghe Butcă

Premiere: 16th of December 2017, Main Hall
Duration: 1h

After such a well-received audience with the show “The Goat With Three Kids”, TONY BULANDRA Theatre returns to his loyal audience with a new musical inspired by the Romanian literature: “Păcală’s Adventure”.

The suggestive and stylish decoration, the refined and functional costumes, exciting and restful light, make up a charming ambience in which the actors, so loved by our audience, this time hard to recognize behind the impressive authentic masks, give life, with dedication, talent and much, much love, to the ten characters who lead us into a peculiar world, the world of Păcală.

A passionate, conquering, lively, yet well-known and mysterious, archaic and modern, comic and dramatic, surprising and predictable world, a world in which the spell of music, the pathos of dance and the mastery of interpretation will succeed (hopefully again!) to fill with joy the souls of those ineluctably attracted to eternal, magical and overwhelming theatrical emotion.

Catharsis …

Păcală – Lavinia Cozma
Luck – Camelia Varga
White Old Man– Ștefan Ștefănescu
Innkeeper – Cristina Dumitra
Judge – Mihai Bălăceanu
Priest State – Ilie Ghergu
Mayor – Costin Butăroiu
Bride – Varinia Mitrea
Bride`s father– Ștefan Ștefănescu
Thief – Varinia Mitrea

Photo credit: Vera Ștefan

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