Golden Apple

after Brothers Grimm

A show by Monica Baldea

Stage manager: Mihai Bălăceanu | Sound and lights: Andrei Enache

Premiere: 6th of March 2018, Mihai Popescu Hall
Duration: 45min

Adaptation of ”One eye, two eyes, three eyes” by Brothers Grimm.

Any show, any initiatory scenario, is a breaking of reality, a symbolic journey that expresses the deep desire for inner change, to discover new horizons. The spectator, with all his intention to remain profane, with all the free will, comes into the co-author and co-participant, giving free rein to internal struggles, desires, hopes, living intense moments to mature and transforming the novice into an initiate , along with heroes.

The human spirit, fascinated by symbols and the exploration of imaginary realms as a means of satirizing morals, is confronted with its own mental barriers and thus accepts its uncovering. It balances, assimilates external experiences as part of their own identity, evolving into self-knowledge.

The tale, through the “civilizing hero”, speaks on the language of the child, giving him an idea of ​​the laws governing human’s life, the outlook on the world, influencing his actions unconsciously.

The two-eyed girl, in the realm of ignorance, envy, cunning, clemency, has she forgotten the attributes of the perfection of the human being, for which she was able to see and be helped by a Divine Power? Is not this a good example for us all ?!

Ana-Maria Cucută

Photo credit: Mihai Bălăceanu




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